How Yoga Businesses Can Utilize Video Content

Posted on October 31, 2019

It’s safe to say that in 2019, smart TVs are as ubiquitous as smartphones. And with the rise in popularity of cord-cutting, consumers are streaming more than just entertainment and gaming. In fact, many industries are finding ways to utilize apps to accommodate and grow their customer base in. One of these industries is none other than yoga.

The U.S. yoga and pilates studio market hit $12.1 billion in 2019, showing yogis aren’t giving up their mats anytime soon. This cap is also beginning to reflect at-home yoga practice (such as subscription service like Glo and Gaia), which have been growing in popularity in recent years. It’s no wonder more yoga enthusiasts are skipping the studio commute in favor of a serene practice in their own living room.

Offering live or prerecorded streaming sessions:
Studios large or small can utilize a mobile or streaming app to drive secondary revenue and bring classes to those who can’t make it in person to a studio. 

Present customers with accessible price points:
Given the luxury price point of many studios, streaming is also a great way to make yoga more affordable for clients looking to cut costs on their membership.

Cultivate brand synergy:
Your clients’ experience doesn’t have to end at savasana. Studios can go the extra mile by uploading content including healthy recipes, inspirational client stories, or even curated playlists. The sky’s the limit here, with potential to partner with like-minded brands that are also targeting your user base with their products.

Build a tight community:
Whether you’re running a local operation or a regional chain, your yoga business can provide an online customer resource while giving you an opportunity at monetization. Revenue streams through a smart TV app can come from subscription fees and product sponsorships, while maintaining and growing an IRL community outside the studio walls.

As MAZ partner, Yoga International’s app demonstrates, in-depth yoga sessions for both beginners and advanced students are possible courtesy of a sleek, intuitive interface. Yoga International currently offers hundreds of yoga styles and meditation classes by their world class instructors. Despite operating with a small team, the global brand utilized MAZ’s software features in order to take advantage of streaming their services through an on-demand channel.

With the case studies we’ve run at MAZ, the app format possibilities are limitless. We understand how to take a universal layout and apply it to multiple use cases, assisting wellness businesses such as yoga studios tap into the full potential of having a mobile or smart TV app.

Offering customizable app layouts, live stream capability, support of all major content formats, as well as monetization tools makes MAZ the go-to resource for your yoga studio’s platform. If you’re interested in learning more about launching a custom app for your business, including the addition of subscriptions and ad support, reach out to a team member here at MAZ.

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