MAZ was built for video publishers like you.

Why MAZ? The Choice is Clear.



Sure, you could work with a custom development agency to design & build your app. But you’ll get charged for every change, every platform, and can really break the bank.


Other Platforms

Efficient & cheap? Maybe. High-quality? Not so much. Many OTT and mobile app platforms have limited feature sets, without flexibility on how to deliver value to you and your end user experience.



High-quality, quick, affordable and trusted by the biggest media brands in the world. We deliver a custom-branded solution across all devices without designers and developers…The Holy Grail!

A World-Class System

Distribute Everywhere

Publish once, distribute everywhere. With the help of MAZ's tools, companies like yours can take your video content and distribute across all major OTT and mobile channels.

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Dynamic Changes

With MAZ, you can make changes to your apps without resubmitting to various app stores. See edits to design and content in real time.

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App Submission Management

MAZ ushers app submissions across all app stores. Neither custom developers nor our competitors know all the intricacies between Apple, Google and Amazon. We navigate the ever-changing conditions and rules for you.

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Apple TV
Roku TV
Amazon Fire TV
Android TV

Let’s Step it Up

We know video. You have video. We should chat.

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A Better User Experience

Real-time Hierarchy Edits

Change episodic or season hierarchy and navigation on the fly. Feature breaking news, events, or drive to specific CTAs, all without going through app updates or a resubmission process.

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Themes & Layouts

We offer a variety of high-end, tested layouts. Our designs are used by the biggest media brands in the world. See your content how you audience will.

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Seamless Technology

With 907 apps live, the largest media companies on board, millions of end users, and 5 hours of average support time to get set up, we have perfected the production workflow.

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Unmatched Monetization Tools

The MAZ system provides all of the tools to create and capture new lines of revenue from your OTT and companion mobile app experiences.


Like Netflix in a box, MAZ ID helps you sync content across devices and track subscribers across sessions. The audience segmentation and targeting opportunities are huge.

Instant On

Never lose user engagement and CPMs to choice fatigue again. Through Simulated Live streaming, users can launch your channel and dive into content immediately.


Give your audience access to a number of videos before leading to a registration prompt or paywall. Or, go time-based, and gave them sign-up after a set amount of engagement.

Flexible Ad Integrations

Google Ad Manager? Spot X? IAB Compliant Ads? Yeah, we have them built in. Add in native sponsorship tools, and you’re fully loaded.

We've helped hundreds of media companies solve for the same content goals you're working towards.

Audience Growth

Reaches brand new audiences by launching OTT channels.

Monetize Content

Easily monetizes video content through sponsorships and ad opportunities.


Quickly launched channels across Apple TV, Roku, FireTV + Android TV.

Advertising Tools

Extended their digital content into linear formats inclusive of integrated ad plans.

Increase Distribution

New mobile and OTT apps increased discoverability and audience growth.

TV Apps

Engagement is driven through consistent livestreaming coverage.

Managed System

Designed and distributed beautiful channels all through one dashboard.

Subscription Tools

Created a Netflix experience for their members across mobile and OTT.

Increase Distribution

Launched an OTT channel on top of a strong mobile experience.

Subscription Tools

Seamless membership experience for classes across devices.

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Let’s take your OTT experience to the next level.

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