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Mobile & TV apps. Built for the best.

See why the world's top brands use MAZ to serve millions of app users every day.

Unbeatable experiences. Built on MAZ.

Hundreds of the most popular mobile & TV streaming apps are built on MAZ, with more being added each day.

Why MAZ?

MAZ brings your content to your audience, wherever they are. From mobile and TV apps to Apple News and beyond, build the perfect product suite for your business easily and affordably.

Mobile apps.

Create feature-rich apps for iOS and Android in an instant. Choose from our beautiful layouts powerful features and monetization opportunities to provide a five-star user experience.

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TV streaming apps.

Deliver branded channels across OTT without designers or developers. With high-end tested layouts, AVOD/SVOD support, and live streaming, it's time to stake your claim on the big screen.

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The MAZ difference.

At MAZ, we empower content creators and businesses to be amazing. We make building apps as easy as it should be, so you can focus on what really matters.

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Companies that use MAZ

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We can solve your content problems.

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Grow Your Audience

Build and engage your audience, turn users into lifetime fans.

Speed to Market

Save an average of 9 months in development time.

Increase Distribution

Be both where your audience is now and where they will be.

Reduce Costs

Be omni-channel without draining resources and time.

Monetize Content

We support advertising, sponsorships, subscriptions, metering and IAP.

Managed System

We cover app store submissions, end user support and OS updates.

Trusted by the best.

We've helped the biggest of media companies solve for the same content goals you're working towards.

Subscription Tools

Created view-based metering paywall for optimal conversion rates.


FastCompany redesigned their mobile app on a strict schedule.

Subscription tools

Created a Netflix-like experience for members on OTT and mobile.

Managed system

Designed and distributed beautiful channels from one dashboard

Reduce Development Costs

HBR saved thousands on their app development expenses.

Subscription Tools

Set up view-based metering to convert casual users into lifetime fans.

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