The American Bar Association leverages MAZ to connect with its members and advance its mission.

The American Bar Association historically used its print journal to keep attorneys informed on breaking legal news, briefs, rulings and analysis. Meanwhile, the next generation of attorneys consumes information primarily via mobile. The ABA needed an efficient way to push content beyond its traditional journal to new mediums.

Easy publication conversion, mobile optimization, and rich content features.

The ABA can ingest their print journals, including their entire back catalog, directly into MAZ and convert all of their periodicals into mobile-optimized digital experiences. Furthermore, the content has all of the features that are a hallmark of digital, including interactive charts, high resolution imagery, and external links to relevant cases.

The ABA Journal is consumed by half of the nation’s lawyers every month

Of the country’s professional organizations, few have as broad a reach or impact as the American Bar Association. The ABA has incredible breadth of content and a strong social media presence, but web & social are not traditionally the best forum for publishing long form cases and legal analysis. Meanwhile, the share of traffic via mobile and tablet session continues to eclipse desktop browsing at an exponential rate.

The ABA uses MAZ to convert their rich and detailed journals to digital editions and distribute them directly to their members to the mobile and tablet devices of their preference. This instant distribution capability has opened up an entirely new level of engagement and interactivity to its members. Organizations like the ABA can schedule rich media push notifications to their members with breaking news, relevant content and campaign calls to action.