Bloomberg developed a custom cross-platform mobile experience with MAZ.

Developing apps in-house is a tremendous driver of cost. Companies have to build and maintain separate code bases for all of the different platforms to render their content across 100s of different screen sizes and resolutions. To solve this problem, Bloomberg uses MAZ for its Bloomberg Businessweek app to hook up their feeds and update its editorial content across devices.

Beautiful custom layouts rendered across multiple device types, with a unified, branded UI.

Creating and editing custom layouts on mobile is a huge pain point for media brands. Utilizing the powerful MAZ design tools, Bloomberg Businessweek’s editorial team can create custom layouts and publish updates in real time. By unifying both content & design in one platform, BW can focus their resources on creating better user experiences.

MAZ out-of-the-box monetization tools drive 30%+ annual subscription conversion rates on mobile.

In addition to improving the efficiency of publishing content, Bloomberg was looking to continue to capture audience data and monetize their audience. Mobile conversion continues to be a pain point for media companies, as subscription sign up rates are half of those on desktop. Meanwhile, mobile traffic continues to increase YOY, creating a significant revenue opportunity.

Leveraging MAZ’s in-platform subscription monetization tools, Businessweek offers a twist on article metering on mobile. After users have run through their allotment of 2 free articles, they can submit their email or social credentials to extend the preview for another 2 free articles. By offering a direct incentive for registration, companies like Bloomberg can remarket to high intent prospects to significantly improve subscription sign ups. Since the majority of users purchase an annual subscription, this creates predictable revenue in a currently volatile industry.