Brands use MAZ to publish marketing content more efficiently.

Creating & publishing marketing content usually requires multiple teams and significant time. Meanwhile, the average consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages a day and switch their attention across devices up to 21x an hour. Communicating your brand’s message across devices in an efficient manner is crucial to effective content marketing.

A centralized logistics hub to curate, schedule and publish your marketing content

For the first time ever, brands can now efficiently create branded digital experiences across social media, iOS, Android, TV apps and voice assistants. No matter what your marketing goals, the MAZ Content Logistics System can help you expand your customer base and align both internal and external teams so that you can focus on creating the most effective content.

Content Logistics helps brands test emerging owned marketing channels with little upfront cost

Any seasoned brand manager or agency media planner knows that owned content has a 50% lower CPA compared to paid channels. Two-thirds of consumers say that content marketing helps them with brand recall and make better purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, the sheer number of devices, platforms and consumer touch points continues to grow every year. Your team invests time and money creating a killer piece of branded content, but managing the logistics of publishing is time-intensive and limits your ability to spread your message everywhere in an efficient manner.

The MAZ Content Logistics System was built not only to help brands improve the efficiency of managing their content, but to give them the power to create next level, digital marketing experiences for their consumers. Using MAZ, your team can now create your own mobile and TV applications for all of your branded videos that you are currently promoting on your site and social media. You can now create a sponsored Alexa news brief; informing your audience about the specific consumer needs that your product or service solves. You create the content. MAZ handles the logistics. Your audience loves your brand.