American Media Inc. uses content logistics to create an entirely new media brand Duchess Diaries.

AMI created a direct to consumer channel that leveraged the vast roster of expert celebrity journalists and royal watchers across the AMI Celebrity Group to provide exclusive wedding and baby details, fashion updates, breaking news and much more.

Creating new event-driven media brands takes too long, so publishers can't capitalize on the audience interest effectively.

Many top tier publishers have a portfolio of brands covering major events and overlapping audience interest. The royal wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle provided a centralized event that would capture the world's attention: a brief window of opportunity for AMI to capitalize on. Their data showed a wellspring of demand for royal family coverage across their portfolio of brands such as OK! and US Weekly, but the coverage remained siloed.

AMI uses Smart Feeds to programmatically curate all Royal Wedding related content across their entire portfolio.

AMI currently uses MAZ to power mobile, OTT and wearables across their portfolio of over 15+ brands including OK!, Star, Radar, and Men's Journal. These experiences empower AMI to provide up to the minute breaking celebrity articles, video and audio directly to their audience. In the run up to the Royal Wedding, they saw a spike in interest for their coverage about the royal family. The opportunity was clear, but AMI couldn't package it effectively since the content was silo-ed within each individual brand.

Instead of hiring an agency or allocating internal resource, AMI simply used MAZ's Smart Feeds feature to programmatically source from content feeds and publish to the channel using relevant key terms. Now all articles and videos across the AMI portfolio that had terms such as "Prince Harry", "Meghan Markle", or "Queen Elizabeth" would automatically be curated and published straight to the Duchess Diaries app. This allowed AMI to get a cross-platform experience live in a fraction of the time and capitalize on a once in a lifetime event.