Fast Company uses MAZ to engage its audience with premium video.

Fast Company is the world’s leading progressive business media brand, specializing in innovation, technology, and design. As its business model shifted away from traditional print to more digital and video content, the company was looking at ways to continue to improve audience engagement with a slate of longer form video. Enter content logistics.

Content Logistics unlocked brand new channels for Fast Company and its sister company, Inc.

With MAZ, both brands publish their content across mobile, tablet and TV apps, all from one centralized system. This allows them to build a more connected and engaged audience, to watch high quality video content and to stream live events.

On average, mobile and connected TV apps session times are 4x that of web.

Any publisher who has built a website and is actively marketing its content on social media traffic is used to seeing session times below 2 minutes on average. Users come for one piece of content, and then leave the site, while the brand tries to maximize its revenue per session through advertising. If the site has high traffic volume, the economics can can work for traditional, text-based content due to minimal production investment. Since video content is higher cost, low user engagement does not create a path forward for ROI.

Brands, like Fast Company and Inc. who develop their owned mobile and TV app ecosystem see session times over 8:00 minutes, 4x that of their core web audience. Additionally, the average mobile user session frequency is over 11, compared to that of around 1.5 for mobile web. Fast Company takes this a step further by using a feature of MAZ called "Instant On", where their newest videos are instantly curated and featured right when the user loads up the application. This gives a highlighted section to monetize video and promote live events, all at the flip of a switch.