MAZ helped YouTube channel HooplaKidz launch premium owned content experiences.

YoBoHo, one of the largest entertainment networks on YouTube, was looking to expand its mission to create the best educational content globally for kids across digital platforms. By implementing the MAZ Content Logistics System, their HooplaKidz channel can now instantly publish and monetize its audience across YouTube, AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

Hoopla uses audience and content scheduling tools to power subscriptions.

By piping their content feeds through MAZ, Hooplakidz can create a cohesive cross-platform monetization content strategy beyond YouTube ads. The team is now in control of their program windows: they can schedule what content goes to what channel at what time.

MCNs who build their owned content ecosystem using MAZ see subscription conversion rates over 25%.

For MCNs and individual content creators on YouTube, monetization remains the biggest challenge. Content production, especially for high quality animated kids’ programming, remains a cost center for creators like YoBoHo. Even channels with 2 billion views per year see razor-thin margins on third party, ad-supported video aggregator platforms and building an owned audience across platforms is difficult.

Using the MAZ Content Logistic System, HooplaKidz can now simultaneously publish everywhere and build their own branded, premium subscription service. YoBoHo uses MAZ's out-of-the-box paywall tools to gate premium content for their core audience at higher margins. Through automation, they can feed the same content to its Youtube channels to collect advertising revenue at tremendous scale. All at the flip of a switch.