OncologyGo, powered by MAZ, features live-streaming events and on demand video content for cancer doctors.

Healthcare professionals need to stay on the cutting of medical practice and patient care, especially when it comes to serious diseases such as cancer. Traditionally, this kind of research is published in medical journals and presented at medical conferences. Oncologists are so busy treating patients, carving out time to stay up to date on the latest research is a challenge.

Efficient content delivery improves the medical community’s access to key research.

Harborside is the foremost medical communications organization that oncology clinicians turn to for accurate content, news and education. Through OncologyGo, powered by MAZ, they distribute videos about various cancer types, news from the latest oncology meetings, and discussions between thought-leaders in the field. Content that literally saves lives is now available on demand for medical professionals everywhere.

“OncologyGo delivers relevant and meaningful video content to healthcare providers whenever and wherever they want it.” - Conor Lynch, Executive Editor at Harborside

When organizations think about content distribution, TV applications are not traditionally top of mind. And yet, many organization host live events for their communities or publish videos featuring experts in their field. The primary constraint to the adoption of successful research is around the logistics of publishing it for the community in a timely and consistent fashion. This is especially egregious when it can mean the difference between life and death.

MAZ created its Content Logistics System to empower organizations to reach audiences across the devices and platforms they use most frequently. "Clinical advances in oncology are happening at a rapid pace, and staying current with the news is a challenge for the most seasoned experts in the field," said Conor Lynch, Executive Editor at Harborside. "We're delighted to be working with MAZ on OncologyGo."