Broadcast network Outside TV powers its connected TV and mobile content ecosystem with MAZ.

Outside TV's national cable channel is the only 24/7 network dedicated to the active adventure lifestyle. The Emmy-award winning network’s high quality HD programming features a wide variety of adventure sports and is available nationwide via traditional cable distribution. They were looking for a way to easily distribute and monetize via connected TVs and launch a premium direct to consumer subscription service.

MAZ powers Outside’s video content across iOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

As any broadcast channel exec knows, it’s resource intensive to create one OTT channel, let alone publish content to multiple. Each platform has a different SDK, content specs and UI guidelines. OutsideTV leveraged content logistics to hook up its video content through MAZ and can now seamlessly publish to all major OTT platforms. The turn around time was less than 12 weeks, without the costly overhead of internal development.

SpotX’s programmatic ad platform integrates directly with MAZ to serve ads at premium CPMs.

While content logistics delivers incredible efficiency to broadcasters and MCNs alike, Outside’s OTT strategy is a flagship case study in creating branded user experiences that resonate with its audience. They actively utilize MAZ’s simulated live capabilities to stream broadcast content across all device types instantly and content segmentation tools to gate premium content behind subscriptions. On average, over 10% of people who download MAZ's TV apps, convert to a regular channel subscriber.

Building your own audience and brand is a key benefit of OTT, but so is monetizing with relevant advertising. A a premier partner, SpotX’s premium programmatic ad platform integrates directly with MAZ to give Outside TV the capabilities to segment its app audience and serve targeted ads at premium CPMs.