Yoga International centralizes their subscriber data across platforms with UserSync.

Yoga International streams classes, workshops, and in-depth courses with the goal of teaching practitioners and inspiring health around the world. They used MAZ to build their OTT because they were looking for sophisticated subscriber authentication and the ability to deliver a seamless viewing experience to their users across multiple devices.

Modern audiences expect to consume content whenever, wherever and on every device.

Unifying a user’s app experience across platforms is no small task. Data and user profiles are silo-ed within each TV application's database making cross device identification and segmentation difficult. Meanwhile, modern audiences expect a personalized experience across all of their devices. Delivering on that expectation is a challenge for all video-centric brands.

UserSync empowers Yoga International to deliver a Netflix caliber experience across every OTT platform.

OTT streaming has reached the tipping point of user adoption: nearly 765 million people (10.2% of the global population) worldwide watch video on OTT applications. According to eMarketer, this market is projected to grow by 24% this year alone. Huge companies like Netflix, HBO Go and Amazon have made audience accustomed to a seamless viewing experience. One should be able to pause a video on an Apple TV, go to bed, and resume the same video on an iPad on an airplane. The premium have taken it one step further with instant on, auto-queuing and curated recommendations.

Yoga International uses MAZ to centralize user data across iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV to deliver a top tier user experience. The channel can now authenticate subscribers, sync their past purchases and viewing progress. This is key for a brand that is publishing classes, so subscribers can keep track of their progression. Additional features include user segmentation, targeted notifications and curated content. All of the bells and whistles of Netflix, at a fraction of the cost.