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How to Bring Your Church Together, Even in Quarantine (2020 Guide).

As a church leader in these difficult times, you may be concerned about keeping churchgoers connected in quarantine. While Coronavirus continues to spread, more and more people will be forced to stay home and away from regular church events. But faith and hope are more important than ever, so how do you continue to help your members worship? The answer: Bring church services directly to people’s homes with Connected TV apps.

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How TV Has Changed in The Last 10 Years

Television has had a major overhaul in the past decade, with the era of streaming changing how viewers watch the small screen forever. With the emergence of multiple platforms and the dropping price of high quality TV sets, consumers found reasons to let go of their cable boxes and embrace cord-cutting for good.

The 2010s marked the official emergence of over the top (OTT) channels, with the period cementing the video content streaming trend as a television mainstay. In fact as the decade comes to an end, cord cutting is expected to be at its peak so far, with nearly 5 million households reportedly ditching cable this year. This phenomenon has in fact resulted in a generation of consumers who never opted into cable plans to begin with for their new households, and instead going straight to streaming.

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The MAZ Death of Advertising Panel: Full Conversation

Watch the full panel discussion between thought leaders from across the media and tech industry to discuss subscription “paywalls.” The panel, moderated by Adweek emerging tech reporter Patrick Kulp, was made up of MAZ CEO Paul Canetti, The New York Times’ former VP of Product Eric Hellweg, Quip’s Director of Growth Mike Schanbacher and former CEO of Visto, Kerri Bianchi.

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How Yoga Businesses Can Make Money with Video Streaming.

It’s safe to say that in 2020, Connected TVs are becoming as common as smartphones. And with cord-cutting on the rise, consumers are streaming all kinds of video apps. In fact, many industries are finding ways to utilize Connected TV and Mobile apps to accommodate and grow their customer base. And yoga businesses are helping lead this charge.

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