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5 ways to draw consumers to your business

There are several potential consequences of living in a technology-based world. In fact, some would argue that these effects are already appearing. That being said, people often fail to take into consideration how the world got to where it is. You guessed it, we as humans have not only allowed it to happen, but we have driven digitalization to where we see and feel the effects of it today. Sure, there are certain things to be wary of. But, it is also important to acknowledge all that technology can do for us. In terms of workplace efficiency, publicity, and communicative strategy, there is much to be gained from it.

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Android Apps Security 101

Let’s try to understand how we can make changes to our code and make it more secure.

  1. Use Podgaurd: I reverse apps, to see how they implemented some feature or what libraries they are using or how they are structuring the code. Nothing sinister. A lot of good folks don’t use ProGuard. Bless them. Question is, Why make it easy for someone who is after your app? Obfuscate it. Plus don’t forget the added advantage of reduced app size.

In your gradle file add

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Logger for Roku

In this tutorial, I will tell you how to use logger using Brighscript in Roku and This is a logger function for Roku written in Brighscript with a small, function which provides utility on top of the Print function.

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