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How to Build a Live Streaming App (Top 4 Easiest, No-Code Methods for 2021).

Live streaming is a booming industry. From news channel updates to brands showcasing products on IGTV, mobile live streaming apps have become a go-to for many businesses and content creators. Live streaming apps allow audiences to view and interact with content live and around the clock, making it a powerful tool for business owners and marketers. Some of today’s most popular video streaming platforms that come to mind are Twitch, YouTube and Periscope.

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MAZ vs Uscreen vs Vimeo OTT: Which is the Best OTT Platform for Your Business?

Are you looking to launch or grow your video channels on OTT? If so, then you may be looking into some popular video streaming solutions like MAZ, Uscreen, Vimeo OTT or other alternatives. But how do these services compare? How much does it cost to launch OTT channels on Roku, AppleTV and Amazon FireTV? And between MAZ, Uscreen, and Vimeo OTT (or VHX), which is going to be the right OTT platform solution for your business?

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Pivot Your Fitness Studio from In-Person to Online Video in 6 Easy Steps.

As we adjust to a world with Coronavirus, fitness businesses are struggling to retain paying members. With states closing non-essential businesses, personal trainers, gyms, yoga studios and all kinds of fitness companies are trying to find new ways to make money without meeting in-person. One of the most popular and successful ways we’ve seen that done is through video classes and live streams.

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7 Ways to Create a Strong Online Community Throughout Social Distancing

Whether you have content on a website, mobile app, connected TV app, or a presence on social media, you might be asking yourself, how can I be helpful during the COVID-19 crisis? How can I enhance communications to engage with audiences, and is there a way to support local, small businesses? While no business or person is unaffected by the current status of the world, there are positive ways to approach this difficult time. 

1. Support local businesses with banner ads or sponsored content
Consider pro-bono or affordable ad banners, section takeovers or sponsored content to the local businesses in your city. With restaurants moving to take-out or delivery only, nonessential businesses relying on online orders, and museums, and nonprofits struggling to stay afloat – give these businesses another outlet through your dedicated audience.

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Free Apps To Check Out While You’re Practicing Social Distancing

While you are social distancing in the coming weeks, you may find yourself with an overload of content options. Perhaps Netflix isn’t cutting it for you, and you’ve had enough of scrolling through Instagram.

Consider an alternative source of entertainment from smaller niche publishers, musicians, instructors, and even puppies. Check out these free TV and mobile apps:

Musicians and producers around the world are making the best of a crazy situation by bringing music and concerts into the home.

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