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Why OTT Streaming Apps are the Perfect Platform for Independent Publishers

Never has the value of OTT apps been more realized than during the coronavirus pandemic. With an increase in the number of millennial cord-cutters, OTT provided light when things were plunging into darkness during the global disaster. Mental health issues were on the rise and OTT offered relief from the ample free time that was pushing people into overthinking.

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Paywall Experts’ Tips For Media Brands Looking to Apply Subscriptions

On Tuesday, September 24, MAZ held a panel at our NYC office that brought together thought leaders from across the media and tech industry to discuss subscription “paywalls.” Throughout the evening’s panel, moderated by Adweek’s emerging tech reporter Patrick Kulp, MAZ CEO Paul Canetti, The New York Times’ VP of Product Eric Hellweg, Quip’s Director of Growth Mike Schanbacher and former CEO of Visto, Kerri Bianchi gave insight on the ever-evolving paywall.

As we learned from the “Death of Advertising” chat, for most publishers out there, implementing a hard paywall is not as simple as it seems. Not only are there several types, including the emerging“freemium” subscription, media companies also need to learn how and where to incorporate today’s wildly popular direct-to-consumer business model. 

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