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How to Build a Live Streaming App (Top 4 Easiest, No-Code Methods for 2021).

Live streaming is a booming industry. From news channel updates to brands showcasing products on IGTV, mobile live streaming apps have become a go-to for many businesses and content creators. Live streaming apps allow audiences to view and interact with content live and around the clock, making it a powerful tool for business owners and marketers. Some of today’s most popular video streaming platforms that come to mind are Twitch, YouTube and Periscope.

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MAZ vs Uscreen vs Vimeo OTT: Which is the Best OTT Platform for Your Business?

Are you looking to launch or grow your video channels on OTT? If so, then you may be looking into some popular video streaming solutions like MAZ, Uscreen, Vimeo OTT or other alternatives. But how do these services compare? How much does it cost to launch OTT channels on Roku, AppleTV and Amazon FireTV? And between MAZ, Uscreen, and Vimeo OTT (or VHX), which is going to be the right OTT platform solution for your business?

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