Technology that Brings Your Faith to the World.

We've created a tailored solution to help strengthen the engagement with your existing audience, and spread the message to new followers.



Bring the messaging to users wherever they are, whenever they’re ready.



Create a single hub for all of your video content, both live streaming and archived services.


Social Media

Amplify your message and increase discoverability to help new followers find your content.

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The perfect suite for increasing engagement with existing followers and bringing new ones into the fold.

Deliver your powerful message to all of your audience, in a way that resonates with each of them.

Daily Viewers

People tapping into primarily religious content, every day.

Weekly Church Goers

Folks looking for something extra during the week, beyond the Sunday services.

Holiday Adherents

Members who participate at holidays but wish to get more from home or via mobile.


Short-form content, light weight lessons, and enticing formats for a younger crowd.


Individuals seeking the message and hoping to get involved on their terms, in their way.


Broadcast your content at home, providing a comfortable experience on TV.

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Layer on event access and live streaming for your audience to enjoy from home.


Offer exclusive content, archival footage, or additional snippets to appeal to your followers.


Provide continuous video coverage for you users to watch all hours of the day.


Give your users the opportunity to access your content wherever they are, via mobile.

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Target subscribers and non subscribers with different push notifications.


Cut through the noise of contemporary distraction with a worthy experience.


Create seamless user interactions across platforms through subscription offerings.

Social Media

Cast a wide net and start enticing potential new users to become active members of your organization.

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Reach new audiences through social content, built for discoverability and showcasing the breadth of your messaging and mission.


Take what has been broadcasted through OTT and mobile and amplify the impressions across social media accounts.


Acquire meaningful data and demographic information about new audience members interested in your organization.

We power the message delivery for some big names in faith-based publishing.

Virtual Eminence
Catholic Faith Network

Bring MAZ to your church.

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