Fast Company worked with MAZ to engage its audience with premium video content.


Fast Company increased their discoverability by launching native mobile and OTT apps.

Fast Company is one of the top business media publishers in the world. With a keen eye on innovative technology, thought leadership and world changing ideas, they needed an app experience that mirrors their expertise. Most importantly, they wanted new audiences to be able to find them on all the most popular app stores and devices. That's when they reached out to MAZ to create and launch beautiful custom apps for their brand.
As Fast Company shifted their business model from traditional print to digital and video, they were looking for a way to improve audience engagement. Enter MAZ.
With MAZ, Fast Company was able to publish content across mobile and OTT apps. This allowed them to build a connected, engaged audience to watch high quality videos and stream live events.

Take a look inside the app:

Here's what people had to say about it:
"There are few magazines that can publish an app and get it right. Fast Company does not disappoint. This app is quick and responsive. Articles are just "there" and the interface is smooth. I can see me using this on a daily basis." Akinat
"The app is well designed, easy to use, beautiful images and graphics and has all the great content I expect." Rissoris
"They got everything right with this app. It's beautiful, intuitive, and engaging." #CBG

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