MAZ worked with Harvard Business Review to bring their content to mobile.
Learn how Harvard Business Review engaged to a new audience by venturing into international markets by creating a mobile app with the help of MAZ Technology.

Beautiful custom layouts rendered across mobile, with a unified branded UI.

Founded in 1994, Harvard Business Review is one of the most well-respected business journals in the world. With readers all around the globe and a strong legacy to uphold, Harvard Business Review approached MAZ to help craft a native mobile app experience that would meet their standards.
Harvard Business Review Case Study
Since 1922, Harvard Business Review has been a trusted, informative voice in the business world. With an established tablet app, HBR wanted to engage a new audience by venturing into international markets by creating a mobile app.
With MAZ, HBR was able to create a great experience with beautifully designed templates. Combined with a view-based monetization strategy, they have seen high success in engagement and revenue through their mobile rollout.

Take a look inside the app:

Here's what people had to say about it:
"HBR mobile is a fine app to deliver content of the magazine. Achieves the customary high standards that are associated with the print version and organization." Darren in KC
"The app is very user friendly [and] very handy when I am traveling or just want a quick glance at the latest business case studies or news." Neha Mittoor
"Well designed and easy to access all HBR articles." BigCoLeader

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