Hosting made easy.

Integrate your existing OVP or upload and manage your videos directly in MAZ's powerful system.

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Outside TV

Host with MAZ, or bring your own OVP.

Most OTT providers require you to host your content with them too. MAZ is the only major provider that offers both built-in hosting and the ability to perform sophisticated management of assets that you host with 3rd-party OVPs. The choice is yours!


Multi-platform players

Embed your videos in more places. MAZ integrates with dozens of the top platforms.

Video CMS

Upload and manage your videos directly in MAZ's connected content management system.


Live streaming

Looking for live streaming? We've got that too. MAZ Live allows you to feature new live streams, 24/7 linear content, events and more. Our live streaming tools work seamlessly with MAZ Video for a combined VOD + Live experience.

Adaptive-bitrate streaming

Stream beautifully and quickly over OTT, thanks to our powerful video engine.

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Podcast hosting too.

MAZ also supports audio file hosting, and has built-in support for Podcast distribution.

Why MAZ? The Choice is clear.

Sure, you could work with a custom development agency to design & build your app. But you’ll get charged for every change, every platform, and can really break the bank.
Other Platforms
Efficient & cheap? Maybe. High-quality? Not so much. Many OTT and mobile app platforms have limited feature sets, without flexibility on how to deliver value to you and your end user experience.
High-quality, quick, affordable and trusted by the biggest media brands in the world. We deliver a custom-branded solution across all devices without designers and developers…The Holy Grail!

Trusted by the best.

With 907 apps live, millions of end users and some of the world’s largest media companies on board, we know what it takes to make your business successful on OTT.

Let's Step It Up.

Let’s take your OTT experience to the next level.

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