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Bring your magazine to mobile.

The most trusted mobile app platform for magazines.

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Your app. Your brand. Your style.

Create an immersive, branded experience for your audience with custom fonts, colors, and icons for your articles, magazine and publication layouts.

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Time-based metering
View-based metering

Flexible monetization.

Drive revenue with our time or view-based metered paywalls, as well as our full suite of ad integrations and freemium features.

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Integrate with your existing subscribers.

MAZ seamlessly incorporates existing subscribers into your app, so you can create a personalized experience for your most loyal readers.

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Your full content suite.

Include newsletters, podcasts, videos and galleries. We support any content type. Make this a one-stop-shop for your entire audience.

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MAZ platform.


Create a beautiful, custom experience from our dashboard. No coders or designers required.


Our team handles submission for you, making it quick and efficient.


Manage your app. View changes in real-time, and resubmit 24/7. With the MAZ dashboard, you're in control at all times.

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Reduce Development Costs
HBR saved thousands on their magazine app expenses.
Branding and Customization
Created a branded user experience for their subscribers.
Let's Step It Up

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