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Modern Audiences watch video primarily through TV applications.

Nearly 765 M people active watch video on OTT, and that number is expected to grow 24 % this year alone.. Don't miss out on the biggest trend in online video. MAZ makes building OTT easy, accessible and profitable.

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Take control of your monetization. MAZ integrates seamlessly with SpotX and JW Player for best-in-class video quality and in-feed advertising. Your channel will be AVOD, SVOD and TVOD supported, even on livestream.

Netflix caliber UserSync delivers a premium viewing experience for your audience.

Authenticate your subscribers once and sync their purchase history and viewing data across every OTT platform. Your audience will be able to resume their content on the device of their choice with instant queueing after videos end.

Curate and schedule your video to Video Aggregators

Schedule and post the same videos to aggregators such as YouTube and Vimeo. You can curate exclusive premium content for OTT subscribers and automate the publication to ad-supported platforms.