Let MAZ build the roads to new devices and platforms, so your team can focus on creating great content. Learn about our current Outputs: Mobile Apps, TV Apps, Social Media, News Aggregators, Voice Assistants and Business Apps.

Create once, publish everywhere.

MAZ is the FedEx for content. Input all of your articles, videos, images and audio, and simply choose where you want to output. MAZ currently delivers your content to iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Twitter, Apple News, Amazon Alexa, LinkedIn, Slack and more.

Mobile Apps

Mobile App users deliver longer session times, higher engagement and better revenue than mobile web. Design a beautiful app, set up paywalls easily, communicate with your users, and centralize data to monitor performance.

TV Apps

Build your own branded channel, publish and monetize your video across Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku without hiring a development team for each OTT platform. Advertising and analytic options included.

Social Media

We reformat and repurpose your posts for each platform. so you can easily aggregate, schedule and publish all of your content to Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, LinkedIn YouTube, Medium and more!

News Aggregators

Don't miss out on the fastest growing online content platform. Now you can publish your content to all major News Aggregators such as Apple News, Flipboard and Google AMP in just one click.

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are positioned to be the primary device of content consumption in the home for the next decade. Start publishing your existing content to Amazon Alexa and Google Home today without custom development.

Business Apps

Curate all of the content relevant to your business and industry. Communicate and collaborate to your team directly to platforms such as Slack, LinkedIn and Twitter all with one streamlined workflow.