Pro Services

Get hyper-optimized support and customization, directly from the experts on the MAZ team.

Services we offer:

Accelerated App Launch

Bring your apps to market fast. With this service, the MAZ team covers all pre-launch responsibilities (not including design/wireframing of app).


App Templates

Let our team fill in all the necessary images and branding for you. Just select a template, provide us the assets and let us do the rest.


MAZ Web Setup

Let us build out your video monetization website, including adding your custom domain. All configuration needed for a basic monetization site is included in addition to other configurations.


App Transfers

If you’re migrating from another developer and need help transferring to new developer accounts, we can guide you through the process by providing the knowledge of requirements for each platform.


Social Login Setup

Connect your Social API to all of your social media accounts to allow your audience to have multiple ways of logging into your apps.


Google Analytics Setup

Generate a tracking ID with the proper settings to ensure compliance with MAZ apps.


Additional Services

Android Setup

API and configuration setup for all apps built in Android Package format.

Cross Platform Validation

We’ll gather all your API keys and set up any necessary APIs so that your end users may share purchases across all platforms.

App Testing Setup

Every platform has it’s unique way to test app builds before you decide to deploy. Simply receive an email to install builds directly on your devices!

Custom Screenshots

Let Pro Services capture images from your app’s UI to visually communicate your app’s experience from all devices for each app store.

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