Salon and MAZ team up on powerful native apps.

Learn how Salon and MAZ worked together to increase their distribution and create a new revenue stream with mobile app.

Salon and MAZ worked together to increase their distribution and create a new revenue stream.

Salon is one of the world’s first major all-digital media outlets. For decades, they have distributed content across the internet on their site, social media and more. They came to MAZ looking to expand their reach into native mobile and TV apps, growing their audience and ultimately, their revenue.
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Launched in 1995, Salon is one of the longest-running news sites on the internet. After offering free ad-supported content for over a decade,Salon wanted to experiment with paywalled content while also increasing its distribution.
Salon worked with MAZ to create a reimagined mobile app with a view based metering experience. Not only was Salon able to successfully create extra revenue through the app, but they also used MAZ to add their podcast content to the app, increasing listeners and subscribers.

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Here's what people had to say about it:
"Streamlined layout; very easy to navigate. I'll be reading Salon on mobile from now on. Love being able to watch Salon Talks conversations and intriguing documentaries in the app, too." E. Rankin Lindeman
One of the best news apps out! I l use this app several times during my day and the news stories are always updating. Love this app and I'm not even sure what I ever did without it! starsblu
"Salo has been one of my go-to's for news and thoughtful editorials for awhile. And now I've got it on my phone. Simple. Easy. Clean. Love it." SashaF21

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