Easily schedule & publish your content to social media.

Now you can easily aggregate, schedule and publish all of your content to Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, LinkedIn YouTube, Medium and more!

Streamline your social media content publication with one centralized system.

The list of social media platforms continues to expand: first Facebook, then Twitter, now Instagram and Snapchat. Reformatting and repurposing your content for each platform is a manual process and keeping up with new features and the next big platform is a constant challenge.

Curate & centralize all of your social media content in one place.

Whether your company is getting significant coverage for a major product launch, or you are sourcing content relevant to your brand, you can easily aggregate all of your social media with MAZ. Define your queries, and Smart Feeds will create a repository where you can pick and choose what to post.

Publish immediately or schedule your posts in advance with the queue.

Unlock the power of an entire team of social media managers with MAZ's post scheduling. Now, you can arrive at the office with all relevant content automatically collected from your preferred internal and external sources. Easily queue up all of your social media content, so you can focus on other priorities.

Set up once, publish to all current and emerging social platforms.

No need to copy and paste your posts to individual social media platforms: you can easily schedule and queue your content to your platform of choice. MAZ will integrate directly with existing aggregators such as Buffer, so you can curate and schedule however you prefer.