TMZ quickly and efficiently met their audiences on all devices, raising their revenue like never before.

TMZ OTT Case study

TMZ worked with MAZ to create a full suite of ad-based TV apps.

Started in 2005, TMZ has quickly become one of the most talked-about sources of celebrity news. Today, TMZ fans look to smart TVs to keep up with all of their favorite stories and breaking news. As an ad-based service, TMZ wanted to meet audiences everywhere and increase their total viewers. That's why they got in touch with MAZ.
As a web-first platform, TMZ was losing out on ad revenue from audiences on other devices. To keep audiences engaged and streaming, they needed to quickly and efficiently build out apps for every major OTT platform.
With MAZ, TMZ was able to expand into OTT app stores like Roku, AppleTV and more. All without any coding or design team, thanks to MAZ's easy-to-use platform.

Take a look inside the app:

Here's what people had to say about it:
"Enjoying the TMZ App. Have had it approximately three months. It keeps me up to date with the latest news stories ~ celebrity, sports, politics, etc. If those topics intrigue you, you will enjoy this app." BeckyWhoDat
"I’m a blogger and a follower of TMZ for years. TMZ has definitely influenced my style. I’m big on getting accurate information out first. Keep up the amazing work you continue to do!" RhenaeN
"I absolutely love TMZ! I LIVE TO WATCH this show everyday... As a disabled veteran, I sit home and TMZ gives me everything I need to know about the celebrity and political world! Thanks, you are are the best." MajorMom1

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