"Alexa, read me the news."
Get your brand on Voice Assistants today.

Create flash briefings on voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home with your existing editorial. No custom development required.

Over 30% of US households get their daily news from voice assistants.

Voice assistants are positioned to be the primary device of content consumption in the home for the next decade. Don't miss out on this emerging channel: start publishing your existing content to Amazon Alexa today without custom development.

Set up your content & start publishing to Alexa. No Coding Necessary.

Building Voice Assistant content feeds require custom dev work that can take your team up to 6 - 12 months to implement. With MAZ, simply integrate your Alexa account, pipe in your existing news articles, and set the rules for your flash briefing.

Curate news briefs from your existing content with Smart Feeds.

No need to record a new flash briefing every time there's breaking news. Use MAZ's Smart Feed to automatically generate flash briefings from your existing content feeds.

Future proof your brand without upfront investment.

Voice AI is just one of many fast-growing consumer devices and platforms. Next year, your team will have to worry about even more. MAZ is building the roads to the platforms of the future, so you are prepared for the next big thing without investing time, talent and budget.