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Deliver video with a world-class web app.

Businesses with a MAZ OTT streaming web app see incredible results.
lower cost.
Compared to agencies and in-house development teams.
faster to market.
Design and deploy your new web app in an instant.
extra fees.
Make real-time edits and iterations, worry-free.
additional hires.
No coders or designers necessary, with our state-of-the-art dashboard.

Launch fast

Publish to web format with ease. Our tools are automatically optimized to create the best experience for any output, from web to OTT and mobile apps.

Streaming video websites
Video streaming website

Beautifully simple layouts

Create an experience just like Netflix and other top streaming brands. Our layouts make it easy.

Optimized for all browsers

Publish your streaming web app with confidence. Our code works in all major browsers and will automatically adjust to the users’ device type and size.


Powerful monetization

Monetize your web app with our wide variety of tools, including metered paywalls, advertising integrations, transactions and more.

Why MAZ? The Choice is clear.

Sure, you could work with a custom development agency to design & build your app. But you’ll get charged for every change, every platform, and can really break the bank.
Other Platforms
Efficient & cheap? Maybe. High-quality? Not so much. Many OTT and mobile app platforms have limited feature sets, without flexibility on how to deliver value to you and your end user experience.
High-quality, quick, affordable and trusted by the biggest media brands in the world. We deliver a custom-branded solution across all devices without designers and developers…The Holy Grail!
Streaming website for content monetization

Trusted by the best.

With 907 apps live, millions of end users and some of the world’s largest media companies on board, we know what it takes to make your business successful on OTT.

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