Yoga International worked with MAZ to create an OTT channel built on top of a strong mobile experience.

earn how Yoga International created a seamless experience between mobile & OTT

Help members of Yoga International participate in classes from anywhere.

Yoga International is a beloved fitness streaming service with over 300,000 paying subscribers. They believe in making content inclusive, available and accessible for all. As such, they got in touch with MAZ to expand their overall target market by building custom TV streaming apps for their members.
Yoga International Case Study Of Using MAZ as their OTT Platform Par
Yoga International offers hundreds of yoga and meditation classes. They wanted to take advantage of OTT as a channel but with a small team, found this to be a challenge.
Yoga International was able to create a seamless experience between mobile and OTT, giving members the option to switch between devices to watch classes from anywhere.

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Here's what people had to say about it:
"We're thrilled to be bringing our content into people's living rooms. Streaming classes, courses and challenges on your TV makes it even easier for everyone to build and maintain a yoga practice." Todd Wolfenberg, CEO of Yoga International
"With this app I can view and practice whenever I am. I am now viewing the videos and practicing more often and can use it more conveniently as a learning tool for my ongoing learning." Michelle Arington
"One of my favorite apps. I use it 4-5 times a week to practice yoga at home. Depending on what I want to work on that day, I simply type it I to the search box and I am immediately given a wide array of options and classes of diffidently lengths. This app is what keeps my practice consistent." RawVeganGrace

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